Action Missions

December 2015 – Mindy Davis chose Action Missions as her Giving Back charity for December. She said ”

I have decided to give to the Action Missions. There are so many things they do to help the homeless and people in need and also the children that wouldn’t have a gift for Christmas if it wasn’t for them.

I think a lot of times we forget how truly blessed we really are!!

Description of just a few things they do:

Christmas time they go to Navajo Nation in Chinle, AZ and distribute gifts to low poverty children. There is over a thousand children that live in that area.

They also distribute winter clothing to the homeless in Kansas City, MO. and Springfield, MO. They go to each location once a year, and while giving them coats, hats, gloves, and socks; they also feed them a warm meal.

Testimonial from one of the volunteers: I have many testimonies I could share, but the one that comes to my heart was when we were in Springfield, MO doing the homeless outreach, there was a husband and wife who came to get a hot meal and coats, while visiting with them they told us their story of how they ended up on the streets. While ministering to them they began to cry, and accepted Jesus into their life.

The next year when we went back they made it a point to visit us, and told of how their lives had changed. They both attend church, have jobs, and their family no longer lives on the street. They thanked all who helped make this happen, and said, “If not for people caring and helping them they do not know where their life would be today!”

At the Navajo Nation the one thing that touched my heart the most was seeing the looks on the children’s face when they were allowed to pick one toy, they acted as if you handed them a hundred dollar bill. There was not one child who did not thank you and leave with a smile!

Action Missions
P.O. Box 385
Clinton, MO 64735