April 2016 – Tim Davis chose Refab for his Giving Back charity of the month for April. Tim told us “I chose Refab because they are simultaneously tackling two important problems that are present in most cities. They retrain and employ recently homeless military veterans for the green jobs sector and in doing so are able to divert usable resources and building materials that are slated to end up in a landfill. Since 2013, they have already hired 5 permanent, full-time employees (that have graduated from their retraining program) and diverted over 2,000 tons of landfill waste!
Refab works in collaboration with local nonprofit organizations, community groups, and government to promote the collective and creative re-use of our built environment. This mission is sustained by deconstructing buildings otherwise slated for demolition, retraining community members for careers in green industry, and refabricating building materials.”

3130 Gravois Ave
St. Louis MO 63118