SLMPD Police Athletic League

SLMPD Police Athletic League
1200 Clark Avenue
St. Louis MO 63103

November 2012 – Angie Lynn-Billiter chose the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Police Athletic League. Angie chose this organization because they provide children in the city of St. Louis with low-cost athletic, educational and cultural programs. PAL provides all equipment, uniforms, league fees, registration and insurance, at no cost to the children. The Police Athletic League, a volunteer based program operating in cooperation with the Metropolitan Police Department, provides St. Louis city youth with an alternative to the path of crime and drugs that many inner-city children face. By helping children respect police officers on the athletic field, PAL hopes to help them grow into adults who respect officers and the laws they enforce.

“I want to thank you for choosing us to be the recipient of $500. I wish I could fully describe what our recreation center is like where youngsters come to learn the craft of boxing. Most of them come from broken, low-income homes. But at our gym, they learn self-respect, self-discipline, and teamwork. It is an oasis from the tough streets where they come from. And, they are the nicest and most polite kids you could ever meet.

We use money donated to PAL to buy equipment, register the fighters with USA Boxing, and for travel and lodging when we go on the road for tournaments. Thank you for your donation.”