Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic

Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic
1864 Little Brennan Road
High Ridge MO 63049

March 2013 – Melissa Trautman chose Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic. Melissa wrote, “As a kid I was always bringing home animals that I’d find hurt by the side of rural roads. I made weekly trips to the “pet store” to buy the mice that were destined to end up as snake food and let them live the rest of their short lives as my houseguests. I always thought I was alone in my desire to help animals that others thought were pests, or worse yet, food. Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic shares that desire. They take in injured and abandoned animals that most people wouldn’t offer a second glance, nurse them to health and release them back into the wild. They help keep the local ecosystem humming, and they do it all with only volunteers and donations.”

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)3 organization which specializes in the rehabilitation of native Missouri mammals and is licensed by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Our primary purpose is to care for injured and orphaned wildlife with successful release back into its natural habitat.