Clinton Animal Rescue Endeavor

July 2015 – Jamie McCoy chose the Clinton Animal Rescue Endeavor for her Giving Back charity. She said ”

C.A.R.E-Clinton Animal Rescue Endeavor is the only animal shelter located in Clinton and is also a no kill shelter-SAVE ALL THE ANIMALS! They operate mainly on the dedication of volunteers and donations. Volunteers care for the shelter pets with quality food and twice-daily exercise as well as clean beds and toys and daily sanitation of the pens and surrounding areas. With comprehensive preventative health care, microchipping and spay/neuter program, the animals are adoption ready at all times.

I have always liked animals and I would adopt them all if I could. Seeing my community and amazing volunteers who spend their own time and money caring for these animals is truly amazing!

“The mission of C.A.R.E. is to prevent abuse, promote adoption and educate the public in the proper and ethical care and treatment of companion animals.”

Clinton Animal Shelter
1307 N. Washington
Clinton, MO 64735