Types of Services

MetroGistics offers a variety of shipping services to handle all customer’s shipping requests and provide choices when ordering your vehicle transportation.

Standard Shipping

Open trailer standard shipping offers the most competitive rates with an average timeline of 3-10 business days depending on the number of miles in your move. Please refer to our Standard Shipping Timetable for a delivery estimate. Note: due to unforeseen issues with weather, traffic and truck issues outside of our control, shipping timelines may be longer depending on each unique situation. We cannot guarantee shipping times.

Enclosed Critical

Enclosed truck shipping is for customers who want the ultimate care and protection for their vehicle. Vehicles are protected from the elements in an enclosed carrier and shipped worry-free. Note: enclosed carrier prices are typically double the cost of standard shipping rates.

Time Sensitive

For customers who need a vehicle delivered as soon as the Department of Transportation will allow, we may be able to provide next business day transport (up to 500 miles per day). For example, if your vehicle move is 1000 miles, it will generally be picked up the next business day and be delivered two business days from pickup.