Vehicle Shipping Tips

Steps for preparing your vehicle for shipment and delivery

Before You Shp

Prior to shipment, ensure your vehicle is operable, tires are full of air and vehicle starts. Please inform us if the vehicle is inoperable so we can arrange adequate transportation.

The vehicle should be in original manufacturing condition. If any modifications have been made to the vehicle, please notify us so we can gather all the proper specifications.

Next, identify the point of contact for pickup and delivery. There are numerous documents that must be signed, so it is crucial to have someone present.

And then finally, provide contact names, phone numbers and email addresses for who will accept shipment. This is essential so that the driver can call ahead to verify pickup and destination times and details.

Preparing Your Vehicle

Complete a thorough inspection of your vehicle when the driver shows up to load. Get a copy of this inspection or “Condition Report” from the driver for your records.

Have your car is in relatively clean condition so that any damages are easily visible. All scratches and dents must be noted prior to transport.

Make sure there is gas in the vehicle. A full tank isn’t necessary but the vehicle needs to have at least a quarter of a tank.

Remove all personal items from the interior of the vehicle. It is a DOT requirement that household items DO NOT travel in your vehicle while shipping. Personal items can add a lot of weight to a vehicle, causing it to be overweight. The transport company will not be responsible for any loss or damage to items inside the vehicle.

Remove all exterior items from vehicle such as the faceplate if you have an aftermarket radio installed, aftermarket antennas, temporary bike racks, camper shells, etc..

Provide the driver with the keys (2 sets are recommended).

Get the drivers name and phone number so that you can alert him to any changes.

Taking Delivery

You or someone you give consent to is required to be at pickup and delivery to sign off on all documents.

You or someone you give consent to is required to complete the vehicle inspection with the driver, acknowledging all damage before and after transport.

You or someone you give consent to must sign off on the bill of lading finalizing pickup and delivery along with the overall condition of the vehicle.